Why Do Women Age Faster?

Have you heard the advice about not flying because when you are in the air you age faster? My girlfriend’s husband was a pilot and that’s what she told me. That pilots age faster than the rest of us. Sounds crazy doesn’t it. Well, anti-aging wrinkle cream kind of sounds that way to me as well. I just don’t entirely get the concept that a cream can make you not wrinkle. What makes you not wrinkle is staying out of the sun.

We are a generation that believes in “laying out” (getting tan). We have even invented “tanning beds” in case you can’t lay out in the daytime when the sun is at it’s worst or best, depending on how you look at it. I was one of those teenagers that loved to lay out. I even put up mirrors around me so the sun would reflect more intensely. Crazy now that I think back about it. But that’s what was cool! Now we are paying the price for all that sun–an increase in skin cancer, wrinkles and age spots. Our thinking is generational. What we do today we pay for tomorrow and hopefully learn something. But once it is forgot we do it all over again.


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